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yes computers • downtown northampton


Yes Computers features an award winning Apple-certified service department capable of resolving virtually any issue that could arise with your computer.


Is your computer running slow? Has it been smashed, crushed, spilled on, or had some other tragedy befall upon it?


Our Apple certified technicians are here to help you get your computer up and running in a timely, professional manner.


            Full warranty service for all Apple computers

            Reasonably priced out-of-warranty service on Apple computers and select PCs

            Data recovery

            Windows virus removal

            Drop and spill damage repair

            iPad glass and screen replacement



No need to even come to the store - we’ll come to you! Our on-site services include:

            Computer, printer, and router setup

            Home & business network setup

Our Service Department

We can help your computer run at peak performance! RAM for speed, hard drives for storage, and OS updates to keep your machine compatible with the latest software and accessories.

            RAM installation

            Hard Drives

            Operating system updates

            Data migration to your brand new computer